Convibra Agronomy


V Online Conference - Agronomy

June 22 - 24, 2017


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The quality of an event like CONVIBRA has a lot to do with the massive participation of highly qualified academics during the evaluation process of the submitted papers.
On behalf of all participants and users, we thank the members representing institutions around the world who voluntarily devote their time to this important collaboration.

 Dr. Alexandre Beutling (UFMS)

 Dra. Anilce de Araújo Brêtas (UFRGS)

 Dr. Christian José Mendoza Castiblanco ( )

 Dra. Cristiane Cominetti (Universidade Federal de Goiás - UFG)

 Dra. Cristiane Prezotto Silveira ( )

 Dr. Fabio Abel Moscovich ( INTA)

 Dr. Flávio José Vieira de Oliveira ( UNEB)

 Dr. Jean Kleber de Abreu Mattos ( )

 Dr. José Luis Soto Gonzales (UNESP)

 Dr. Manuel Antonio Navarro Vásquez (IFCE)

 Dr. Marcelo Cabral Jahnel (PUC-PR)

 Dr. Marcio Antonio de Mello (Epagri)

 Dra. Maria Cristina Marques (IFSP)

 Dr. Osvaldo Guedes Filho (UFPR)

 Dr. Raul Andres Martinez Uribe ( USC)

 Dr. Roberto Frota Decourt (Unisinos)

 Dr. Robinson Moresca de Andrade (UEL - Universidade Estadual de Londrina)

 Dra. Victoria Rossmary Santacruz Oviedo (Instituto Paraguayo de Tecnologia Agraria)

 Dr. Zaqueu Fernando Montezano (IAC)

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